Yellow Buttons

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Don looked at Yellow Buttons, an Australian native plant that thrives on neglect.

Plant details

Common name: Yellow buttons 

Botanic name: Chrysocephalum apiculatum (sold as Helichrysum ramosissimum) 


A variable species, but usually seen as a small, suckering herb. It has silvery or greyish, hairy leaves and clusters of bright yellow flower heads on stems to 15cm long. Flowers are produced in spring, summer and other times throughout the year.

Best climate:

Yellow buttons grows naturally throughout Australia in a variety of habitats.


ground cover
tubs or baskets
native garden
low maintenance garden

Good points:

cheerful, bright yellow flowers
most forms are frost tolerant
drought tolerant
fast growing


Growing conditions vary depending on the form. Most require a dry, sunny position and good drainage.

Getting started:

Yellow buttons can be propagated from seed, but cuttings are more reliable. Numerous named forms are available from garden centres and specialist native plant nurseries.