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For a great Aussie look in the backyard, why not use an old hollow log as a planter? You might have a tree in the garden that has died and fallen over, or if you live on a bush block there may already be some hollow logs lying around on the property. Rustic planters You can achieve a charming effect by planting up a hollow log lying on its side. Don simply filled a log with free-draining potting mix and then planted it with a selection of dainty Australian natives. They included fan flowers (Scaevola aemula ‘Purple Fanfare’), native iris (Patersonia occidentalis), native daisies (Brachyscome multifida), pimeleas (Pimelea linifolia), white wax flower (Eriostemon australasius ‘Brilliance’) and a white flowering form of hardenbergia (Hardenbergia ‘Free ‘n Easy’). A hollow tree stump can also look great used as a very tall planter. Don planted up a stump with a stunning display of rare natives. First, he filled the hollow with a potting mix suitable for native plants. Next came the plants: grafted verticordia (Verticordia grandis), red lechenaultia (Lechenaultia formosa – prostrate red form), lomandra (Lomandra ‘Tanika’), stream lily (Helmholtzia glaberrima) and native flag grass (Libertia paniculata ‘Aussie Flag’).

Further information

Most of the plants used in our segment are readily available at nurseries and specialist native plant nurseries. However, grafted verticordia plants ($20-$25 for 140mm or 6″ pot) are only available in limited quantities from specialist native plant nurseries (such as the ones listed below), or on order through your local nursery.

The Wildflower Place 453 The Entrance Road Erina Heights NSW Phone (02) 4365 5510 (02) 4365 5514 (fax)

Sydney Wildflower Nursery South 9 Veno Street Heathcote NSW Phone (02) 9548 2818

Vaughan’s Australian Plants Geelong, Vic Phone: 0403 403 871