Free Indoor Plants

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One of the best ways to save money with plants is to go out into the garden and dig them up! There are free plants in virtually every garden in Australia. Clumping plants such as aspidistras can easily be chopped up and used elsewhere in the garden, potted up and given to friends or sold at the local fete.

Don demonstrated the technique by simply digging up part of a clump of aspidistras with a sharp spade. He removed most of the soil from the roots and then put the aspidistra into a classy-looking, lime green pot. (Tip: always use good quality potting mix. Quality potting mixes display the Standards Australia ‘ticks’ on the pack.)

Cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior)

The tough, aspidistra or ‘cast iron plant’ is native to the Eastern Himalayas, Taiwan, China and Japan. It has dark green, leathery leaves. It can tolerate neglect, heat, cold, drought and low light. The aspidistra was a favourite indoor plant in the Victorian era, along with the Kentia palm.

Further information

The pot used in our segment cost about $20 from Bunnings.

A 30 litre bag of potting mix costs around $16