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Famous Australian people and landmarks on Burke’s Backyard

  • Rob’s Australian Flag Design

    Rob Flag design as discussed on 2UE 13-6-2008. read more
  • Libby Lenton & Luke Trickett

    Don caught up with Libby Lenton, her husband Luke Trickett and their pet dogs Buddy, a Pug, and Harry, a... read more
  • Living in the Tropics

    When you live in the tropics you can be very adventurous in your use of colours, both in the garden... read more
  • Mural House

    Woo Ken and his son, William Rim, are artists as well as professional painter/decorators. They specialise in a style of... read more
  • Keepsake Garden

    Six years ago, Hazel and Hans Kuoni started their garden from nothing. Today, they have a beautiful garden full of... read more
  • Daintree Discovery Centre

    The Daintree Rainforest is thought to be more than 135 million years old, and as such is the oldest intact... read more
  • Cooper Creek

    Don took a mangrove discovery tour in the Cape Tribulation area of the Daintree National Park. The Cape Tribulation Wilderness... read more
  • Coconut Rodney

    Coconut Rodney has been growing coconuts for the last 20 years. In fact, he has become the local coconut identity,... read more
  • Port Douglas House

      Port Douglas House Futures trader, John Moulton, lives in a very stylish and contemporary home, where the boundaries between... read more
  • Newfoundland

    Breed: Newfoundland  Temperament: placid, affectionate and eager to please  Cost: from $1000  Lifespan: 10-12 years  Maintenance: high  Recommended for: large... read more
  • Tesselaar Tulip Festival

    Each year thousands of visitors flock to the Tesselaar Tulip Festival at Silvan in Victoria. As well as being able... read more
  • SES Hero

    Originally from Italy, Sergio Ballarin is passionate about helping others. Sergio is a real community man and a valued member... read more