Mural House

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Woo Ken and his son, William Rim, are artists as well as professional painter/decorators. They specialise in a style of decoration that is all the rage in their native Korea – mural painting. Already a bit of a fad in the Korean commercial sector, it is now becoming very popular in Korean domestic residences.

Woo Ken and William Rim decided to bring this style of decoration to their new country, Australia. After a year of planning and a further three months of painting, they have transformed their home from a building with very plain walls to a work of art featuring life-size murals.

When Don visited, it was like walking into an art gallery featuring European and Mediterranean landscapes, spiritual and futuristic works of art, fake paving and even an imitation stone wall under the staircase. William is very proud of a series of paintings he and his father have completed using illuminating paints. These paintings only come to life at night under ultraviolet light.

Further information

Prices vary from $500 – $20,000+
For more information phone 1800 189 455, or visit the website: