Coconut Rodney

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Coconut Rodney has been growing coconuts for the last 20 years. In fact, he has become the local coconut identity, supplying green coconuts to restaurants and producing about 75 different coconut products, including coconut candles, coconut planting medium, coconut pots, coconut medallions, coconut bowls and coconut palm sugar.

Rodney showed Don his favourite coconut palm, the Golden Malay Dwarf. He is very keen on this variety, which is much smaller than the normal coconut palm, reaching only 25-30′ at maturity with leaves 4-5m long (normal coconut palms reach about 60-100′ with leaves 6-8m long). The Golden Malay Dwarf also fruits early, self pollinates and has beautiful golden fruit.

On the day Burke’s Backyard visited, Rodney opened and husked coconuts at speed with his machete, and told Don all about the life of the coconut and its four stages of development: jelly, green, mature and dry. According to Rodney, the jelly coconut with its soft flesh and sweet juice is an acquired taste, appreciated by real coconut connoisseurs. He also made and served a delicious coconut cocktail (see below for list of ingredients).

Note on use of machete: Coconut Rodney is a specialist in this field and under no circumstances should a machete be used by anyone who does not have Rodney’s experience.

Rodney’s Coconut Cocktail

fresh young coconut juice
fresh lime
coconut cream
fresh blended mango, pineapple and passionfruit pulp
a little honey
Mt Gay rum

Contact information

The Far North Coconut Company
Rodney Woollatt
PO Box 284
Port Douglas 4871
Phone: (07) 4098 5566
Mobile: 0417 705 918