Root Rot

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One of the banksias (Banksia serrata) in Don’s garden has died. In recent months high humidity and heavy rainfall in many areas of Australia have made plants in the protea family, such as banksias, proteas and grevilleas, very vulnerable to root rot. Citrus, avocados and other ornamentals are also at risk.

If one of your plants looks sick and you are worried it might have root rot, you can spray Yates Anti Rot over the foliage as a preventative measure. Anti Rot is a form of phosacid, which inhibits the growth of fungus and enhances the defence system of plants. It is also a very safe chemical to use, for both humans and the environment. It has no withholding period, so it can be sprayed right up to harvest.

Further information

Yates Anti Rot is available at most nurseries, and costs about $12 for 500ml. For enquiries about Yates products, phone: 1800 224 428.