Weeds and Garden Pests

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  • Cycad Blue Butterfly

    THE CULPRIT It’s this cycad blue butterfly which is doing the damage. sick cycads Don Burke says if your sago... read more
  • Fireweed

    Fireweed Recently on ‘Burke’s Backyard’ Don explained the dangers of fireweed, a pretty yet poisonous yellow flowering weed that is... read more
  • New Products: PestOil and Glykill

      New Products: PestOil and Glykill There are some new products available at your local nursery which will help keep... read more
  • Gall gallery

    One of the rather worrying things for many gardeners is the strange things you see on your plants. Leaves, branches... read more
  • Root Rot

    Root rot is a disease that can affect a range of plants in your garden and which can spread through... read more
  • Weeds

    Weeding is probably the worst part of gardening and you can waste vast amounts of time pulling weeds out of... read more
  • Citrus Problems

    In the past few weeks Burke’s Backyard has received letters concerning strangely shaped citrus. Two problems occur on citrus that... read more
  • Dangers of Rhus

    The rhus tree (Toxicodendron succedaneum) is the most dangerous plant in Australia. It is classified as a noxious weed in... read more
  • Cotton Thistle

    Cotton Thistle With their architectural shapes and feathery flower heads, thistles are easily recognisable to gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Although... read more
  • Azalea Damage

    Have you noticed that your azaleas are looking a bit the worse for wear at the moment? If they have... read more
  • Borers in Wattle

    Scientists are not sure how they do it, but insects like borers can single out a tree which is stressed... read more
  • Citrus Leafminer

    Citrus Leafminer Distorted growth on citrus trees is often caused by Citrus leafminer (Phyllocnistis citrella). The adults are tiny, night-flying... read more