‘Red Red Red’ -NSW Christmas bush

‘Red Red Red’ -NSW Christmas bush
There is a new New South Wales Christmas bush which is much better than all others. It is called ‘Red Red Red’! The older variety shown on the right is Albery’s Red. Both plants were grown together in the same garden area and the cut flowers were photographed on the same table at the same time. The older Albery’s Red variety also rapidly fades after picking. In my tests, one hour after picking, the colour had faded considerably and was insipid. The ‘Red Red Red’ variety does not fade much at all. These photos were taken immediately after picking, before fading had begun. ‘Red Red Red’ is also faster growing and produces longer stems for floristry.

Red Red Red


Albery’s Red









Ten days after picking the Christmas bushes (photo below). Albery’s Red is on the left, the other three are the variety called Red Red Red. Which variety would you grow?  
Take a closer look, then buy ‘Red Red Red’.  
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