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  • Formation of Frost

    Frost forms when conditions are very cold (around 0º C) and clear. On overcast nights temperatures are usually a little... read more
  • Corrugated Iron Raised Garden Beds

    Small garden beds can be made using a new product produced by Tankworks. They can be used for growing veggies... read more
  • Tools

    Shovels & SpadesMany people don’t know the difference between a shovel and a spade.  A shovel is a moving implement... read more
  • Wattles

    Wattles, also called acacias, are wonderful native plants. More than 850 species of wattle grow in Australia, ranging from ground... read more
  • Yellow Patches In Lawn

      Yellow patches in lawn are often caused by a desexed male or a female dog squatting on the lawn. ... read more
  • Hedges & Topiary

      HEDGES A hedge is a green wall and should be kept razor perfect.  Don recommends keeping your head against... read more
  • Caring for Pruning Tools

    One of the key requirements for successful pruning is to have clean and sharp pruning tools. An excellent implement for... read more
  • Marge Miller

    ‘Marge Miller’ was produced as a result of a pollination demonstration at Sydney University in 1978. It was taken home... read more
  • Frost Damage

    Frost damage is a significant problem for gardens in winter.The damage doesn’t occur as a result of the frost settling... read more
  • Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

    Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are native to southern Mexico. They have erect, succulent stems and large, scarlet floral leaves or bracts,... read more
  • Don’s Compost Recipe

    Following the building of a DIY compost bin, Don’s recipe for compost is below: Wet ingredients; Garden weeds Grass clippings... read more
  • Protection From Possums

    Possums love munching on vegetable and fruit plants in the garden. We showed one way of protecting the vegies. Don... read more