Potager Gardens

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Potager  gardens were named after the French word potage which means soup so it was essentially a soup garden.  Today is means a pretty vegetable garden with lots of paths in it.  The best thing about a potager garden is that you can have a very attractive vegie garden that doesn’t take up much space & is very practical.

The potager garden featured on A Current Affair on Friday night, 7 August is owned by Jamie McIlwraith, a dedicated gardener and the heart and soul of Burke’s Backyard Magazine.

Jamie has an excellent blog http://gardenamateur.blogspot.com/ and to read about his potager garden go to the address below


Don also planted spring onions and answered a viewer’s question about the correct time to harvest the spring onions.  Don’s advice was that they are ready to harvest when they look like the spring onions you buy in the shops.  Harvest them one or two at a time & that way you can harvest them over a long period.