Summer Tips

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2009 is shaping up to be another very bad bush fire summer. Many people buy pumps so they can be ready to protect their houses. These are then dropped into any water storage areas such as tanks, swimming pools or dams if available and the water is sprayed on the fire.

In spite of purchasing the pump however what often happens is that it isn’t regularly checked to make sure it will actually work and when the fire comes & it doesn’t work panic can set in which will make things even worse. Often the cause of this is that the fuel is stale. If you have a pump this weekend you should empty the old fuel and refill with fresh fuel. To stop the fuel going off there’s an additive to put into it which will keep it fresh for two years. If you then

connect the hose to the water and run it for a short time it will also clean out your carburettor. So fill your fuel tank half way, pour the preservative into it, then fill to the top.

Product is: Briggs & Stratton – Fuel Stabilizer Plus. It comes in a small 1 fl oz sachet and costs around $5-$10.


It’s not news at all that mulching your garden is extremely important for summer.

In the past quite thick layers (around 10cm) of mulch were used but the latest information is that it should only be around 3.5cm.

Do not use a mulch that’s almost like sawdust – it’ll wick water out of the soil and have the opposite effect to what you were hoping for. So go for coarser mulch to protect the garden over summer.