Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables

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Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables

  • Growing Olives in Coastal NSW

    GROWING OLIVES IN COASTAL NSW  OLIVE trees prefer a Mediterranean climate and Mediterranean soils, or they will struggle to grow... read more
  • Persimmons

    Growing persimmons In the April 2010 issue of Burke’s Backyard magazine, on sale now nationally, our ‘Kitchen Garden’ section has... read more
  • Balcony Tomatoes

    Just because you’ve only got a balcony, doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own food.  Don showed how to grow... read more
  • Potager Gardens

    Potager  gardens were named after the French word potage which means soup so it was essentially a soup garden.  Today... read more
  • Dwarf Citrus

      A range of dwarf fruit trees are now available. These can be used to make a mini orchard. We... read more
  • Tomato Growing Tips

    Tomatoes need * Full sun; ie, 8 hours direct sunlight daily * Deep, free-draining, fertile soil * Consistent moisture *... read more
  • Dwarf peach tree

    Mini Orchards

    If you reckon your backyard is too small for fruit trees – think again! There’s an incredible variety of dwarf... read more
  • Don’s mini-fruit tree makeover

    Don’s wonderful TV backyard makeover created everything you could need in an outdoor living area plus a mini-orchard of 11... read more
  • Orange tree

    Best Backyard Citrus

    Don Burke says some citrus trees are much better performers in gardens than others. If you want a healthy citrus... read more
  • Apple basket

    Growing Apples

    Lots of people of all ages would happily say that apples are their favourite fruit. Whether you eat them fresh... read more
  • Italian Herb Seeds

    There is a free packet of Yates Italian herb mix seeds attached to the August issue of the Burke’s Backyard... read more
  • Meyer Lemon

    The Meyer lemon was discovered in China in 1908 by Frank Meyer, an employee of the United States Agriculture Department.... read more