Balcony Tomatoes

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Just because you’ve only got a balcony, doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own food.  Don showed how to grow your own balcony tomatoes & herbs.

  1. Make sure you have a spot on your balcony that gets full sun for at least six hours a day. A north-facing balcony is ideal.
  2. Choose a light-weight pot. Don used a plastic, terracotta-coloured pot; that is at least 50cm in diameter. No smaller.
  3. Select a bush tomato. A bush tomato is a smaller, shrubby variety that does not require staking or support.  There are several types of tomatoes available that are marketed as being perfect for patios or pots. The cherry, or grape-sized tomatoes are generally easier to grow & yield more fruit.
  4. Plant one (no more) bush tomato in the centre of your pot.
  5.  You can also place a few herbs around the edges of your pot. Don chose basil, chives & thyme -perfect balcony BBQ companions!
  6. Water the plants in immediately & well. Follow the directions on the label for fertilizing your tomatoes.  Fertilizing is pivotal to get good results.
  7. Remember plants in pots on sunny balconies dry out quickly so regular watering is essential