Flowering Plants & Shrubs

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Flowering Plants & Shrubs description

  • Summer Flowering Plants

    Don looked at some of the trees and shrubs that flower through the warmer months. If you go to your... read more
  • New Release Plants

    Don looked at some of the exciting new plant releases available in nurseries this spring. New azaleas read more
  • Paper Daisies

    Don visited Mount Annan Botanic Garden, where spring is in full swing with massed displays of spectacular, native daisies from... read more
  • Green Flowers

    A 9-year-old viewer wrote to Don asking why there are no green flowers. Don read more
  • Dwarf Pincushion Hakea

    The pincushion hakea (Hakea laurina) is native to Western Australia. It grows to around 6m (20 read more
  • Lavenders

    Lavenders are members of the Lamiaceae, or mint family. These evergreen, aromatic shrubs are native to the Mediterranean region, where... read more
  • Serruria florida

    Serrurias are evergreen shrubs from South Africa. There are about 55 species and they belong to the Proteaceae, or protea... read more
  • Native Orchid flowers

    Growing Native Orchids in a Log

    Don planted up a hollow log with Australian native rock orchids, to create a fabulous natural effect in the backyard.... read more
  • Black Kangaroo Paw

    Don demonstrated how good black kangaroo paws can look in a large, glazed pot. The black kangaroo paw (Macropidia fuliginosa)... read more
  • Qualup Bell

    Qualup bell (Pimelea physodes) is native to Western Australia. It features drooping flower heads surrounded by large, cream bracts streaked... read more
  • Australian Native Violet

    When developing a garden it is important to choose plants that are really reliable. Don looked at one of the... read more
  • Payne’s Thryptomene

    The Australian Native Birthflower for June is Payne’s Thryptomene Payne’s thryptomene is an Australian native shrub growing to about 1m... read more