New Grevilleas

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Queensland grower Richard Tomkin has produced a spectacular new range of hybrid grevilleas. Although not available to the public for another two years, they promise to be the best grevillea varieties of the future.

  • Grevillea ‘Billy Bonkers’, named after Richard’s pet dog, has metallic pink flowers that bloom all year. Growth is around 1m (3′) tall by 2-3m (6-10′) wide.
  • Grevillea ‘Lana Marie’ is named after Richard’s wife. It has deep pink, cascading flowers. Growth is 1.5 m (5′) tall by 2-3m (6-10′) wide.
  • Grevillea ‘Jester’ has bright orange/red perfumed flowers. It grows 3m (10′) tall by 4m (13′) wide.
  • Grevillea ‘Geisha’ flowers like Robyn Gordon. It has white flowers with a pale pink blush through the centre that bloom all year. Growth is 2-3m (6-10′) tall by 3m (10′) wide.

Note: Growth measurements are for Queensland only.


Richard Tomkin’s grevillea hybrids are currently being trialled in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. They will be available in about two years from:

Changers Green Nursery, Bungadoo Road, Gin Gin, QLD, 4671. Phone: (07) 4157 4283.

Fairhill Native Plants, Fairhill Road, Yandina, QLD, 4561. Phone: (07) 5446 7088.

Further information

Our segment was filmed at Richard Tomkin’s Changers Green Nursery, PO Box 2, Gin Gin, QLD, 4671. For more information phone: (07) 4157 4283.