Dwarf Lilly Pilly ‘Hedgemaster’

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Dwarf Lilly Pilly ‘Hedgemaster’

In a courtyard or small garden, Don recommends using paving instead of putting in a lawn, and choosing reliable, low maintenance, plants. The garden shown in our segment is a classic example of this type of landscaping. The entertaining area was designed to complement the modern, Tuscan style house. An attractive fountain with three waterspouts provides a focal point in the garden, which also features neutral colours, rendered walls and paving.

The colours that featured in the garden on the rendered back wall were Murobond ‘Mud’ (the dark colour) and ‘Yarramalong’ the lighter, sandy colour. The tiled water feature was created by Sue Hoskin from Tesserae Originals at Noosaville.


Many of the plants are in pots, so they can be moved around and used to divide or screen off different areas. The planting scheme includes narrow pencil pines (Cupressus sempervirens ‘Stricta’) and prostrate gardenias (Gardenia augusta ‘Radicans’). (Tip: when buying pencil pines ask for plants that are grown from cuttings, rather than from seed. They will maintain a uniform, neat shape.) Another plant that features prominently in the courtyard is ‘Hedgemaster’, a new dwarf lilly pilly.

Acmena smithii ‘Hedgemaster’

‘Hedgemaster’ was developed by Don Burke. It is a dwarf from of Acmena smithii and clips well into a low hedge to 1m (3′) tall. It has an extremely compact, dense habit and coppery coloured new growth. Unlike many other lilly pillies, ‘Hedgemaster’ is resistant to attack by the lilly pilly psyllid. It responds very well to trimming, and will grow in most areas of Australia. ‘Hedgemaster’ is a great Australian native alternative to box, particularly in warmer zones. In cold or mountain areas it may need a more protected position.


topiary low formal hedge screening plant foliage contrast plant Australian native alternative to English box

Good points

dwarf with dense rounded shape hardy to all extreme conditions amber coloured new growth resistant to lilly pilly (or leaf-dimpling) psyllid

Further information

‘Hedgemaster’ is now available Australia wide from nurseries and garden centres. Plants in 140mm (6″) pots cost around $12.

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