Don Burke’s Re-cycled Curry Recipe

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Serves 5-10 meals for 2 people

Cook in a 30cm pot


2 tablespoons approx. Olive Oil

Left overs from medium to large leg of lamb + left overs from BBQ chicken if it’s lying around

2 x cans x 400ml Yeo’s Singapore Curry Paste – hot – $3.92/can 

1 x can x 270ml Lite Ayam Coconut Milk – $2.42/can –

1 x can x 565ml Admiral Lychees in Syrup – $3.32/can –

250g– dried apricots – Homebrand 200g packet is $3/packet –

Or for preservative free apricots buy them online – $5.40/200g pack

Half to one cup of sultanas

2 x large onions

1-2 Sliced apples or bananas & any other fruit/dried fruit/canned fruit you think would work & that you have sitting around.

Serving suggestions

Serve with additional sliced banana and desiccated coconut.


Add oil to saucepan and heat

Slice & fry onions

Add chopped meat

Add 2 x cans Singapore Curry Paste

Add 1 x can Coconut Milk

Stir and add other ingredients

Tip:  use clear liquid from the lychees, otherwise top up with water if the ingredients are not all covered with liquid

Leave on low heat for approx. 90 minutes or until the curry is reduced to a thick sauce, stirring frequently.

Care should be taken to avoid burning at the bottom of the saucepan – stir every 5-10 minutes, scraping the bottom of the saucepan.

Tip:  Use only fresh fruit, or sulphur-free dried fruit (e.g. apricots) if you are allergic to sulphites – for example in wines.  For Pure Wine drops try your bottleshop or go to

Tip re Heat of curry: Obviously, select a hot curry sauce if you like them.  Or a Thai or Malaysian sauce.  Taste the sauce as you go to check that hot is not too hot.

The curry is best left to cool down in the fridge after cooking and then eaten, heated up, the second night.

NOTE:  All hot food should be covered immediately when removed from the heat & go straight into the fridge to avoid contamination by mould etc.  It’s a furphy that food should cool down before being placed in the fridge.


1. With rice on a plate (add fresh sliced banana, desiccated coconut etc. on the side).

2. In two slices of bread in a sandwich maker for a quick easy lunch

3. In a jaffle iron

4. Put into a number of containers & share with relatives or friends

We use the curry over one or two weeks since most curry sauces are semi-preservatives, giving the curry a long life. However, cap containers immediately since open containers often collect bacteria and fungi and will go off faster.

Curries have been proven in many scientific tests to stave off dementia.  They won’t stop people getting dementia, but they do put it off for many years.