Conservation and Environment

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Issues around the natural environment

  • Lightning Struck Gum

    Lightning Struck Gum Don looked at a gum tree (Eucalyptus nicholii) that was struck by lightning three weeks ago. The... read more
  • Mirage on the Road

    Mirage on the Road If you’ve ever thought you saw a pool of water or some dark shadows lying across... read more
  • Owls in Rehabilitation

    Burke’s Backyard visited Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, which has a clinic for the treatment of injured native wildlife. John Dengate talked... read more
  • Save the Car

    Save the Car You might think that getting rid of your old petrol guzzling vehicle and replacing it with a... read more
  • Snake Warning

    Snake Warning Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Rob Zammit, warned that it is now snake season. Even though the worst months (November... read more
  • Spur-winged Plovers

      Spur-winged Plovers We visited the grounds of Sydney University, where a pair of Spur-winged plovers is nesting. The parents... read more
  • Re-Planting Local Environments

    Re-Planting Local Environments Don visited a remnant cabbage tree palm forest on Sydney’s northern beaches and gave local residents some... read more
  • MAD – Good Ladybirds

    Don looked at a vegetable garden that is thriving without the use of toxic chemicals to control insect pests. Instead,... read more
  • Eco Concepts

      Eco Concepts Don visited Eco Concepts in Melbourne, and spoke to Rick Eckersley and Ben Kerr about the latest... read more
  • Saving Power Saving Money

    Modern appliances are very convenient, but as John Dengate explained, they come with a hidden cost for both home owners... read more
  • The Pub is Good for the Environment

    Burke’s Backyard resident scientist, Graeme Quirk, considered the environmental benefits of going to the pub. Graeme said that drinking tap... read more
  • Wildlife on Trees

    John Dengate sheltered under a tree on a rainy day, but discovered he wasn’t alone. He found a spider’s egg... read more