Backyard Blitz

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Season Three

  • Ep 14 Family Paradise

    The Deacon family have had their fair share of tough times. Illness has struck their family with breast cancer and... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 17 Colours and Curves

    Karina and Choon Teoh moved their family to Australia from Malaysia 13 years ago because they believed that there were... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 18 Elvis Fever

    After spending most of her life in the bush, Joy Stepto moved to Sydney with her young family. Last year... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 19 Olympic Gold

    Olympic Gold Water polo player, Debbie Watson, was a member of the team that won gold at the Sydney 2000... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 20 Level Pleasure

    Level Pleasure Accessibility and practical recreation areas are essential elements in any good garden design. Unfortunately Mark and Raja Relf’s... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 21 Kids Under Cover

    Thousands of children sleep on the streets of Australia every night, because they don’t feel safe at home. Kids Under... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 22 Family Fun

    The naturally conceived quintuplets (five children from one pregnancy) of Brent and Merryn Laverack were an unexpected surprise to their... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 23 Rainforest Retreat

    riven by a desire to contribute to their local community, both Kane and Lara Lambkin devote many hours to their... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 25 Border Brilliance

    All Australians can be proud of young people like Paul and Rebecca Beck. Having met as volunteers through the children’s... VIEW PDF
  • Ep 26 Family Form

    Karen Kennedy and her young family have had a tough time over the last few years. Ten days before Christmas,... VIEW PDF
  • Repeat – Jungle Magic

    The James family have a unique living arrangement. Three generations and six members of the adult family live under the... VIEW PDF
  • Repeat – Sail Away

    Ian Muir is a modern day father of three, who works hard to support his children. His ex-wife is so... VIEW PDF