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  • Pollination and Netting

    Question From: Sam in Woodgate QLD   Subject: pollination and netting   Type of Plant (if known): vegetables   Symptoms of Plant Illness (please try... read more
  • Fertiliser

    Question From: Colin in Bundaberg QLD   Subject: Fertiliser   Type of Plant (if known): Jacaranda   Symptoms of Plant Illness (please try NOT to... read more
  • What is this plant?

    Question From: Rachel in Melb VIC   Subject: Hi, l was wondering if you can help me out with this plant, we have growing... read more
  • What type of plants should we plant around a pool?

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  • Planting Hedges In Corners

    Question From: Jean in PERTH WA   Subject: I want to plant it in an area of 2.5mX2m in the garden’s corner to block... read more
  • sand

    Turning Sand Into Soil

    Question From: margaret in Wa WA   Subject: New build , just yellow clean sand fill every where.. best way to try and make... read more