Don’s Expert Answers: Can’t find the Murraya plant in the US

Question From:
Lars Hansson in Los Angeles, Los Angeles International

Nature of problem:
Can’t find the Murraya plant in the US

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Other Comments:
I see the Murraya hedges in Sydney all the time and would like to plant one in Los Angeles.
Would you by chance know of a grower or a nursery in the US that carries this plant?
Thank you
Lars Hansson

Hi Lars, The form of Murraya grown in Australia is outstanding, and largely infertile (hence no weed seedlings that you do get with the straight Murraya paniculata species). To the eternal shame of our nursery industry, this dense and excellent flowering cultivar was never named and all nursery people in Australia have no idea that it is even a selected form of this species. Thus I doubt that this form would be available in the USA. It should grow well in LA however, so I would try West Coast or Florida rare plant nurseries and online plant sellers for it. It would take several years, but I will recommend that our leading plant variety exporter sends stock to the LA area. Don