Don’s Tips: Weather Affects Flowering Times


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Wattles in some areas of Australia are flowering early this year. 

The Queensland Silver Wattle is flowering 6-8 weeks early in many areas this year.  The weird weather patterns have obviously thrown this beautiful wattle out of sync.  For the record the Queensland Silver Wattle has roundish silver leaves and canary yellow flowers. 

Other plants like cherries count the number of really cold days in winter.  Once the requisite number are counted, they initiate spring growth.  In warmer areas, there aren’t enough cold days so the poor cherries don’t know when to sprout:  hence few flowers and no fruit in warmer zones.

Tulips too need a few weeks of very cold temperatures in winter so many people in warmer areas put them into the crisper in the fridge for 4-6 weeks prior to planting.

So cold weather is not all bad!