Don’s Tips – Spring Vegies

springtime vegetables

Spring Vegies

How are your vegies growing? Now is a critical time to take stock.

Watch out for leaf vegies like lettuce, endive, silverbeet, spinach and all of the Asian cabbages and greens in case they become too tall and spindly. Or even if they seem too pale a green colour. In all of these cases they need a nitrogen-based fertiliser. Preferably a liquid fertiliser.

You can buy many different liquid nitrogen fertilisers like Aquasol or Thrive, or make your own by putting a handful of poultry manure in a bucket of water and leaving it overnight. You could use poultry manure pellets around the plants if you wish too. But if you don’t fertilise leaf vegies, they will go to seed quite rapidly and the leaves will be bitter.

The single problem that dominates poor vegie performance is incorrect or lack of fertilising.

Keep an eye on it!

Hooroo! Don.