Don’s Tips: Organic Vegies


Organic Vegies

Do you want to grow organic food at home? Well, you can, and it’s fairly easy.

All vegies and fruit need fertilizing and you can’t beat chook poo. The original Dynamic Lifter formula is 100% chook poo and it is sterilized so it doesn’t carry any diseases of plants or people.

For pest and disease control there are some excellent products:

For fungus diseases use Eco Fungicide which is a type of baking powder. For insect control use Eco Oil which is based on cooking oil or you could use Dipel or Success for caterpillar control. Both of these products are based on natural soil bacteria and the active ingredient in Success is excellent for fruit fly control as well.

Organically grown produce has been proven to be much safer for you and your family. Old-fashioned chemicals can leave residues on vegies that even affect unborn children in the womb.

So organic really matters!

Hooroo, Don.