Don’s Tips: Small Garden Makeovers


shady areas

Small Garden Makeovers

Winter is a cooler time so it’s worth considering doing a makeover on your garden.  Not a HUGE makeover, but an enjoyable one.

Perhaps your garden is too labour intensive.  Would you like to make it easier to maintain?  Well consider avoiding or removing the labour intensive bits.

The following plants are high maintenance:  lawns, hedges, roses, silky oaks, gum trees (due to leaf drop), pot plants and vegie gardens.

So, many people reduce the number of areas allocated to some of these plants.

If you have lawn areas where the lawn looks tatty and bare, this is usually due to shade from shrubs and trees nearby.  Simply remove the lawn areas and turn them into garden areas for shade-loving plants like azaleas, clivias, ferns etc.

Some simple work-reducing changes now can make your life much simpler with more time to relax or just spend time with friends.