Don’s Tips: Front Door Plantings


Front Door Plantings – white snowflake flowers

The entrance to your home is very, very important, especially in winter.  Winter can be a bleak time, so creating an enticing entrance to your home is really important.

This is easy to do too!  Just get two largish pots and plant seasonal plants in them.

Right now, flowering jonquils or snowflakes are excellent.  Buy them already flowering from your local nursery or hardware store.  Jonquils are also beautifully perfumed too.

You could buy a daphne bush to perfume the front door area too. Equally cymbidium orchids in the modern colours of pure white, green and white, yellow or even red, all look excellent.

Small potted colour plants are available from nurseries that can be colour matched to your house colours as well.

Why not pop out to the plant shop to cheer up your house this weekend.

Hooroo! Don