Don’s Tips: Men Breaking Themselves


We men have a frightening tendency to break ourselves.  Men fall out of trees, off roofs or off ladders.

Men over 50 are a particularly worrying group.  So, why not help the silly old sods.

The best way to help them is with a long-handled lopper.  Buy a good long one that extends out to 4 metres at least.

The better quality extension loppers have different heads that can be interchanged.  There are secateurs heads or saw heads etc.  My Wolfe long handled lopper even has a rake head for pulling weeds and algae out of fish ponds.

Anyway, get your over 50 male relo an extension lopper or pruner soon.  Before they fall out of a tree, off the roof or whatever.

Standing on the ground while you work is always the safest way to go.