Don’s Tips: How to grow Passionfruit



Ever wondered ‘how to grow passionfruit’ at home

The passionfruit is one of the best of all fruits to grow at home, but don’t get caught out. Many people pay out their hard-earned money to buy a named passionfruit vine from a plant shop.

But there is no need to. All seedlings produce excellent fruit – so grow your own from seed. Just keep a few seeds from the next passionfruit that you eat and sow them into a pot of potting mix. The seeds should sprout in a week or two.

Once the seedling is about 10-15cm tall (4-6”) sow it into the ground in a sunny spot.

Water it in but don’t water it excessively and don’t fertilize it. They do best when they are left alone. They are climbers and need a fence or trellis to grow on.

Hopefully, by next summer you’ll be picking FREE passionfruit from your own vine.