Don’s Tips: How To Get Your Plants To Produce Fruit and Flowers



Fruiting Citrus


One of the most common queries we get is this:

Why don’t my plants flower or set fruit?

Citrus trees, orchids, wisterias, bougainvilleas, tomatoes, passionfruit etc.  What’s wrong?

Well it’s one of two things:

For citrus, orchids and many other plants it is lack of sunlight.  Too little sunlight means no flowers or fruit.

For most of the rest, it is incorrect fertilizing that causes a lack of flowers.  Either stop fertilizing altogether or use a flower and fruit fertilizer such as:

Bloom Booster

Better Bloom or

Thrive Flower and Fruit

Do remember if you fertilise the lawn or roses or some other plant near to one that won’t flower, the lawn food or rose food is the problem. Lawn food causes lush leafy growth at the expense of flowers or fruit.

So use care and think it all through carefully.