Don’s Tips: Feature Plants

feature plants

Gymea lily

Does your garden lack oomph? Does it need something special to add pizzazz?

Well, here are some quite spectacular plants to add that certain something:

the Gymea lily is a huge plant with a whorl of enormous leaves as well as a flower stem carrying red flowers that can grow 5m or more tall. This is a native plant.

In any frost free area you can’t beat a tough-as-guts Frangipani. They look luscious and tropical.

Many people choose New Zealand flax plants or even cordylines: they both have long strap-like leaves in assorted colours. Go easy on the electric pink leaved varieties unless they fit in with your colour scheme in the garden.

Pony tail plants have the enormous swollen base of the trunk and long arching feathery leaves.

If you are lucky enough to live in a subtropical area (or near a beach) try the giant Bismark palm – Bismarkia nobilis. It has enormous blue coloured leaves.

Try some oomph in the garden.