Don’s Tips: Feature Plants


Feature Plant

Feature Plant

Does your garden lack OOMPH?  Does it lack drama, verve or panache?

Well you need one or more plants that really grab everyone’s attention: Feature Plants.

One of the best eyecatchers is the Australian native GYMEA LILY.  This is a plant straight from the Land of the Giants.  It has spear-shaped leaves that grow up to 2m long.  Its huge red flower head is held aloft on a stem that is usually around 4-6 metres tall!!

There is also the Spear Lily  that has leaves  up to 3m long and an even bigger flower head.

Or, on a small scale, what about a row of kangaroo paw plants?  These have 1-2 tall flower heads coloured red, yellow, orange, green and black.  They are strange and beautiful.

All three of these plants the Gymea Lily, the Spear Lily and Kangaroo Paws are highly attractive to native nectar-feeding birds.  Google them to see how amazing they all look.

Add some OOMPH to your garden this weekend.