Don’s Tips: Cuttings




October & November are great months to experiment with growing plants from cuttings. 

As soon as the new spring growth has hardened and is snappy like a fresh bean, it’s time to strike cuttings.

Always do way more cuttings than you really need as some will probably cark it.

Cut off lengths of hardened new growth to about 10-15cm long (4-6”).  Remove all but the top two leaves then dip the base of the cutting in honey.  Then put 10-15 cuttings into a 15cm diameter pot filled with some good quality potting mix.  Water the cuttings and put them  pot and all, inside a clear plastic bag or a used plastic shopping bag.  Place the bag in a semi-shaded area.

After about 4-6 weeks the cuttings should start to grow.  Gradually open the bag over 2-3 days and leave the plants in semi shade for another week or two.

Gradually introduce the cuttings to more sun & pot them up individually.

For details go to and look up striking cuttings.

good luck.