Don’s Tips: Frangipani Cuttings


Frangipani cuttings

Frangipani cuttings

Frangipanis are one of the world’s greatest plants:

they grow into attractively domed small trees, they produce flowers coloured red, or orange or yellow or white or multi-coloured.  But it’s their perfume that is sublime… oh, and best of all, they are free!

… Well free if you are smart.  You see, nothing grows as easily from cuttings as a frangipani.  You just cut off a few chunks of stem about 30-45cm long (that’s 12-18 inches) and bung them out on the path around the side of the house for 3 or 4 weeks.

Than you pot them up into a half sand, half potting mix mixture and water sparingly until new growth appears in October/November.

By January you can plant them out in the ground or into a larger pot.

… it REALLY IS that easy to grow a frangipani cutting at home.

Try it!