Temporary Kids Room Makeover

Decorating can be a problem for renters, who may lose their bond if they make any permanent changes. Tara Dennis had some temporary decorating ideas for a bedroom for two little girls. If the family moves home, the decorations can all be removed, leaving no holes and no damage.

Walls:   Paintings done by the girls were simply popped into clip frames and hung on stick-on hooks. These hooks can be removed without leaving a trace. Tara used a removable border and removable stickers to brighten up the walls. They are called ‘Stikarounds’ and they come in many different styles and colours. All you do is peel off the backing paper, attach lightly, and once you’re happy with the position, rub firmly with a cloth. (Tip: Stikarounds normally come off easily, but if they prove more difficult a warm hair dryer will do the job.)

Storage:   As the girls did not have much storage space for their toys, Tara added some good-looking storage tubs on wheels, which slide away under the beds.

Curtains:   Tara jazzed up the window by hanging some sheer curtains on 3M command adhesive hooks. The best part about these curtains is that they are completely removable, with no holes in the wall.

Fabric door panel:   A panel of fabric over the timber door serves as a type of notice board for the kids’ artwork, letters etc. Pockets sewn into the fabric are a great place for extra storage.

Further information

Clip frames from Ikea cost approx. $9. Stikarounds cost about $40 for a pack of 40 pieces. A Stikaround border costs about $30. They are available from Bristol Paints, Babyco, some paint & wallpaper stores and baby shops, Bunnings in W.A. & S.A. Stick-on hooks cost around $4 (pack of 3) from hardware stores. Under bed storage containers with wheels cost about $30, from Howards Storage World. For more details visit the website: www.howardsstorageworld.com.au Tab curtains cost about $30 from Freedom. The fabric door panel cost about $12 to make.