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Around the House

  • Using Handsaws

    Using Handsaws Scott Cam, the builder from Backyard Blitz, demonstrated how to cut timber using a handsaw. Scott’s cutting remarks... read more
  • Outdoor Living Space

    Outdoor Living Space  Many new houses are built without any thought being given to outdoor living areas and rooms. Some... read more
  • Balcony Makeover

    Rita Hill and Scott Cam teamed up to transform a small, ugly balcony into a fabulous entertaining area. The balcony... read more
  • colourful cubby house

    Building a Cubby House

    Backyard Blitz builder, Scott Cam, showed how to build a fabulous cubby house for two little girls, Cassi and Delaney.... read more
  • Eccentric Art House

    Eccentric Art House Artist and teacher, Andrew Hayim De Vries, has completely rebuilt a small, 1920s timber worker’s cottage using... read more
  • Eco Concepts

      Eco Concepts Don visited Eco Concepts in Melbourne, and spoke to Rick Eckersley and Ben Kerr about the latest... read more
  • Erosion of Pathways

    Erosion of Pathways Don looked at a classic problem facing many people who have decomposed granite or gravel pathways in... read more
  • Innovative Pool

    Innovative Pool A state-of-the-art pool is at the heart of Jamie Loft’s design for this contemporary Melbourne home. The owner’s... read more
  • Ladders

    Ladders Backyard Blitz builder, Scott Cam, looked at ladders and how to use them safely. Types of ladders There are... read more
  • Fake Wall Makeover

    Don and Scott used faux rock panels and colourful foliage plants to makeover an ugly, damaged brick wall. Faux rock... read more
  • Disguising a Shed

    Every garden needs a shed, but many sheds dominate the backyard and are just plain ugly. There are ways of... read more
  • Trompe L’oeil

    When it comes to the fake factor, this newly renovated Melbourne cottage is up with the best of them. In... read more