Eco Concepts

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Eco Concepts

Don visited Eco Concepts in Melbourne, and spoke to Rick Eckersley and Ben Kerr about the latest trends in landscaping materials and how to use them.

Innovative products 

Rick explained that people can easily go to interior design showrooms, but it’s more difficult to find a display of outdoor products and materials. Eco Concepts is a designer’s approach to displaying outdoor products, showing the products to their best advantage and giving people an idea of how to put them together. It’s all about visually aesthetic, practical surfaces and the combinations of these surfaces to create an overall look.

The latest trends in both Australian (e.g. siltstone from Tasmania) and imported (e.g. Chinese granite) materials are displayed in this warehouse. Visitors can see stone cladding, paving in stone, concrete and aggregate, pebbles, cobbles, cladding for water features, retaining walls, paint finishes, timber deckings, different types of screening, pots as focal points and innovative, locally made outdoor furniture.

Contact information

Eco Concepts Australia
467 Church Street
Richmond Vic 3121
Phone: (03) 9427 8911
Fax: (03) 9427 8922

Rick Eckersley
Eckersley Garden Architecture
03 9421 5537