Moroccan Candle Shades

Moroccan Candle Shades

These Moroccan-inspired candle shades are easy to make and they’ll bring some style and sparkle to your entertaining area.

You’ll need

  • A4 copper sheets (from art/craft shops)
  • template
  • sticky tape
  • embossing tool
  • butterfly clips
  • scissors
  • small candles

What to do

  1. Secure the template to the copper sheeting with some sticky tape. (Note: the A4 template will fit the A4 sized copper sheet, and will make 2 candle shades, 1 large and 1 small, per sheet.)
  2. Pierce holes with the embossing tool, using the template lines as a guide. (Tip: use some old cardboard under the sheet to protect your table.)
  3. Holding the template and the copper sheet together, cut along the edges of your design.
  4. Using a hole punch, punch out bigger holes in each scallop and along the straight edge of the base.
  5. Roll the copper loosely into a cylinder shape.(Tip: traditionally the Moroccans have the rough perforations on the outside, but roll the cylinder other way if you prefer.)
  6. Holding the edges together, make three large holes with the embossing tool. Insert butterfly clips into the holes, to hold the cylinder together.
  7. Light your candles and pop a copper shade over each.

Further information

A4 copper sheets, around $4.50 each from craft stores (1 sheet makes 2 candle shades)
Embossing tool, about $5.65
Plier punch, 6mm hole diameter, $2.45 from art/craft shops