Fake Stone

Many people would love to have a beautiful limestone or sandstone wall, but they think it would cost too much money to build. Don showed how to create an inexpensive Hebel wall that looks exactly like natural stone (Hebel is a lightweight, aerated concrete product that’s easy to carve).
Note: Hebel cannot be used sub soil or for retaining walls.

For the ‘rock face’ finish, Don started by using a piece of timber to mark a border around the edge of the Hebel block. He then chipped away at the border using a bolster and hammer. Once the edges had been chipped away, he roughed up the flat zone in the middle of the block. (Tip: always wear safety gear, such as a respirator and goggles, when carving Hebel.)

Don used a scutch hammer to create another gorgeous three-dimensional look known as a ‘sparrow peck finish’ (an old screwdriver would also do the job). He scored a line around the inside of the Hebel block, then chipped away inside the line until he had achieved a sandstone or limestone look.

Once the blocks have all been carved, they can be stained to achieve the required effect. They should then be sealed for outdoor use, as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Further information


Hebel blocks (200 x 200 x 600mm) cost about $6-$7 each, from some hardware stores and building centres. For more information call 1300 369 448 or visit the Hebel website: www.hebelaustralia.com.au