Soccer Budgie

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Soccer Budgie

Don visited Mervyn and Sally Abrams and their amazing budgie, Beau. Beau uses his cage as a home base, but from 7am to 7pm he has free range of the house. He starts by having breakfast with Merve and Sally, helps them to do a crossword or two, then goes downstairs for a game of footy.

World Cup hopeful

Beau plays soccer with a little yellow ball. He head butts it round the room, and he has a particularly good left foot kick as well. Beau also plays fetch with the ball, and tries to feed it millet and regurgitated seed. (Don explained that Beau thinks the plastic ball is his mate, which is why he spends so much time with it and gives it so much attention.) Around 3pm Beau has an afternoon nap. Later, he has dinner with Merve and Sally (he even has his own plate) and then goes to sleep, but only after he’s had a kiss goodnight.

Is your budgie as smart as Beau?

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