Pets, Pet Care & Native Animals

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Pets, Pet Care & Native Animals

  • Mountain Pygmy-possum

    The mountain pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus) was thought to be extinct, but was discovered as a living animal in 1966. Restricted... read more
  • Guinea Pig Hutch

    Scott Cam’s weekend assignment was to build a hutch suitable for either guinea pigs (also called cavies) or rabbits. His design,... read more
  • Pet Tips

    These tips from Rebecca Harris will help you with the selection, training and care of your pets. Don read more
  • Feeding Lorikeets

    Feeding Lorikeets Even though there are some concerns about feeding native birds, there is no scientific evidence that it causes... read more
  • Pet Myths

    Don debunked some of those dodgy myths about pet breeds and pet keeping. Myth: You can’t teach an old dog... read more
  • Quirky Pets

    ‘Burke’s Backyard’ recently visited the home of an unusual miniature pony called Splash. The pony was born in a swimming... read more
  • Clyde the Puppy

    The newest member of the Burke’s Backyard team is Clyde, the crossbred terrier who will be a mate for Maurie. At... read more
  • Bird Identification

    To find out more about birds and bird watching ‘Burke’s Backyard’ visited bird expert and author, Graham Pizzey at his... read more
  • Dangerous Dogs

    Dangerous Dogs Earlier this year ‘Burke’s Backyard’ ran a report on dangerous dogs which followed a spate of vicious dog... read more
  • Giant Spiders

    Giant Spiders ‘Burke’s Backyard’ has a message for all ‘arachnophobes’ (those who fear spiders): steer clear of the Australian Museum... read more
  • Giant Wood Moths

      Giant Wood Moths Qantas Amazing Australia   Recently on ‘Burke’s Backyard’ Don and Dr Geoff Monteith, Senior Curator of... read more
  • Herbal Pet Remedies

    Herbal Pet Remedies Many pet owners are using herbal medicines and alternative remedies for their animals. According to vet Dr... read more