Quirky Pets

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‘Burke’s Backyard’ recently visited the home of an unusual miniature pony called Splash. The pony was born in a swimming pool (hence her name) and is not just domesticated but actually enjoys life indoors with her human family. She enjoys a beer, will play with the kids, will kiss the family and enjoys lying on the couch and relaxing in front of her favourite television programs.

Quirky pet competition

If you have a pet that does something strange or unusual send in a video of your pet showing their bizarre behaviour to:

Entries close soon.

Ralph’s gifts

The tartan dog coat was made by Dogs of Distinction, PO Box 131, Lindfield, NSW, 2070. Phone: (02) 9416 1472.

The ceramic dog bowl with Ralph’s name was made by Valletta Ceramics, 56 Clovelly Road, Randwick, NSW, 2031. Phone: (02) 9326 4009.