Pets, Pet Care & Native Animals

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Pets, Pet Care & Native Animals

  • Blue Tongue Lizards

    There are six species of blue tongue lizards (Tiliqua sp.) in Australia. They live in a wide variety of habitats... read more
  • Problem Dog

    Problem Dog Roger the Red Setter is a fun-loving dog, who is also headstrong, easily excited and frantic around guests.... read more
  • Budgie Tip

    Don went into an aviary housing exhibition budgerigars. He demonstrated how important it is to move in a way that... read more
  • Ralph Obituary

    Ralph Obituary If you thought that something was missing from this week’s program you were right: it was Ralph, the... read more
  • Bandicoots in the Backyard

    Don investigated some mysterious, funnel-shaped holes in a lawn. That night he returned to the same backyard with a torch,... read more
  • Pet Cost Comparison

    One of the issues that many people face when they are thinking about buying a pet is, ‘what do they... read more
  • Irish Setter

    Breed: Irish (Red) SetterTemperament: active, affectionate, sensitiveCost: $500-$1000Lifespan: 12-14 yearsMaintenance: mediumRecommended for: active people, large families History Commonly called the... read more
  • Lizzie’s Lumps

    Lizzie’s Lumps Scott Cam was very worried when he discovered a large lump on his dog, Lizzie. Lizzie is the... read more
  • Meeting People with Dogs

    Meeting People with Dogs If you have trouble making friends, our resident scientist, Graeme Quirk, suggests that you get a... read more
  • Obese Dog

    Obese Dog Ricky, a smooth-haired, standard Dachshund, is about 15kg overweight. He is just one of the many fat dogs... read more
  • Red-Rumped Parrots

    Don came across a pair of red-rumped parrots stripping a flannel flower. The flowers were too immature to have set... read more
  • Sexing Peewees

    Sexing Peewees While filming a segment for Burke’s Backyard, Don noticed a pair of peewees foraging in his garden. Peewee... read more