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Pets, Pet Care & Native Animals

  • Soccer Budgie

    Soccer Budgie Don visited Mervyn and Sally Abrams and their amazing budgie, Beau. Beau uses his cage as a home... read more
  • Canine Evolution

    Dogs are often referred to as ‘man’s best friend’, but the relationship between man and dog may be much more... read more
  • Imperial Blue Butterfly

    Imperial Blue Butterfly John Dengate came across a caterpillar covered by a swarm of ants. At first glance it seemed... read more
  • Crib-biting

    Dr Paul McGreevy, from the Faculty of Veterinary Science at Sydney University, is a specialist in animal behaviour and welfare... read more
  • Kalbarri Wildlife

    Father Emu On a recent trip to Kalbarri, in Western Australia, Don noticed a male emu looking after a brood... read more
  • Crimson Rosella Feeding on Grevillea

    There are around 700 species of birds in Australia and they figure very prominently in our natural ecology. Many of... read more
  • Kosci’s Comeback

    Kosci’s Comeback You may remember the wild brumby we met a few weeks ago on ‘Burke’s Backyard’. She was captured... read more
  • Crimson Rosella on White Cedar

    Don pointed out a group of Crimson rosellas feeding on the fruits of a white cedar tree. It is well... read more
  • Dr Rob Zammit’s New Book

    Over the years, Burke’s Backyard veterinary consultant, Dr Rob Zammit, has been asked hundreds of questions about dogs. The good... read more
  • Feeding Kookaburras

    Don advised against feeding meat-eating birds such as kookaburras, currawongs and butcherbirds. They include small birds in their diets, so... read more
  • Firetail Finches

    The Beautiful Firetail finch (Emblema bella) has an olive back, finely-barred underparts and a bright red rump. The males are... read more
  • Glowing Budgies

    Don visited Dr Justin Marshall at the University of Queensland’s Department of Vision, Touch and Hearing. Dr Marshall and his... read more