Australia’s Oldest Budgie

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According to the Guinness Book of Records the oldest budgerigar ever lived in England. He was called Charlie, and he reached the ripe old age of 29 years and 2 months. You might remember that Don was interested to find out if there are any Australian pet budgies approaching Charlie’s age. We were very excited to hear about another Charlie, who was about 22 years old, but unfortunately he died before we could film him. We also heard from the owners of four budgies around the 17 year old mark.

Pretty Boy

Recently we received a letter from Betty Cummings, who lives at Tweed Heads in New South Wales. Betty says that her blue male budgie named ‘Pretty Boy’ is 26 years old. We checked with Pretty Boy’s breeder, who confirmed the bird’s age. Betty, who is a sprightly 78, lost her husband Brian two years ago, and since then her budgie and two cats have kept her company. We think that Pretty Boy may well be the oldest budgie in Australia, and if he survives another couple of years he will break Charlie’s record as the oldest budgie in recorded history. This would be very appropriate given that the budgerigar is an Australian bird.