La Schnoodle

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La Schnoodle (Labradoodle x Giant Schnauzer)  Temperament:

active, bold and affectionate  Cost:

from $850  Lifespan:

average 12-14 years  Maintenance:

medium-high (depending on coat type)  Recommended for:

active families with older children 

La Schnoodle Labradoodle x Giant Schnauzer

$850 for a puppy. Around 15/week to feed.

Level can range from medium to high, depending on the type and length of the coat.

A popular choice as a family pet. Love being around the family.


Gentle giants. Still an early experiment, breeders must use dogs with sound temperaments.


Can range. Most will need regular exercise. Daily walks are essential.

Very limited. Only one current breeder.

Originates from intelligent breeds. Obedience training is recommended.

The current owners are ecstatic with their dogs.

Not apparent in the dogs we saw. Breeders must use good tempered dogs.

Should average around 12 years. Watch for skin allergies. Hybrid vigour is a benefit.

Owners report that dogs will alert them if a stranger is near the property.

Best suited to outdoors.

Suited to families with children aged over seven years. Good watchdogs.

Still a very new venture.

Gentle giants.

Very low availability.

Real water-loving dogs.

More and more people are attracted to cross-bred dogs. This one is a little different in that it is the result of breeding between a Giant Schnauzer and a Labradoodle, which itself is a cross between a Labrador and a poodle.

This isn’t a readily available cross breed, but by the owner’s accounts it has been a very popular experiment. There is currently only one breeder in Australia, Dianne Wyndham and due to the positive feedback from each of the dog’s owners, Dianne would like to breed more of these gentle giants.


It should be noted that there are currently only two litters, all from the same parents, so it is too soon to say categorically that all future dogs will be similar to those we saw during the road test. However, the La Schnoodles we saw all had extremely good temperaments. They are definitely an active breed, a trait common to all of the parent breeds. As with all cross breeds, there can be a wide variation in traits. Some may be more active than others. All were very social dogs, appeared to get along well with children and absolutely loved the water. These dogs were deserving of their nickname; ‘gentle giants’.


It was apparent even from these first litters that there was a fair bit of variety amongst the litter mates. Some dogs were shaggy, looking much like another breed, the Briard, whilst others had a straighter coat, harking back to the Labrador influence. The heads were mainly narrow, with a Schnauzer-like beard. Most dogs were quite large, around 60cm at the shoulder and can weigh up to 45kg. Even the smallest will usually weigh at least 35kg. As a guide, Giant Schnauzers can reach about 56-69 cm (25-27″) tall and weigh 36-50kg (80-110 lb). Labradoodles are rarely bigger than a Labrador. Dianne is considering also crossing Labradoodles with mini Schnauzers to bring the size down.

Presently the you can have any colour as long as its black. This is the only colour of the parents however Dianne would like to increase her breeding stock and isn’t against the idea of introducing other colours.



Poodles don’t shed and Giant Schnauzers shed very little. Labradors do, so there will be some variation in the amount of shedding in the offspring. Those with stronger Labrador influence will inevitably shed most. And just because a dog may not shed doesn’t mean that it is maintenance free, in fact quite the opposite is true. If a dog doesn’t shed its hair, it will require regular clipping. Hair will need to be cut away from the eyes and ears regularly. Some may need a professional clip every once in a while and those with the longer coats will need a brush once or twice a week.


All the parent breeds are known to be intelligent and responsive to training. Schnauzers can be quite dominant if they are allowed to get away with it. Early obedience training is advisable considering the size of the breed.

Availability and cost

Dianne, who lives in Mudgee, N.S.W is the only known breeder at the moment. She has produced two litters. The first now being one year old. There are still a couple of pups available from the second litter at the time this segment airs. Future litters are planned. Waiting lists will apply. Pups will cost around $850.00.

Health and lifespan

As long as the parent breeds are free from heritable diseases, so too should the pups be. It is vitally important that breeders only choose healthy stock. Larger breeds are susceptible to hip dysplasia and skin conditions are known to the Schnauzer breed.

Ideal owners

Most owners we interviewed were families with young kids and all were very happy with the dogs. It could be said that larger, active breeds can sometimes be a handful around small children, however with adequate training (the La Schnoodle should be a fairly intelligent dog), reasonable control can be expected.

Further information

Dianne Wyndham, breeder lives in Mudgee, N.S.W.
Phone: (02) 6364 5066.