Funky Fish Tanks

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Funky Fish Tanks

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While fish are attractive and engrossing pets, the tanks in which they live can be somewhat unattractive. There is now an alternative in the form of a fish tank with a very unconventional design. In Melbourne, Jean-Paul George and Sarah Ives, are making Funky Fish Tanks. These are bizarre adaptations of old and recycled furniture, which is remodelled into a functional, but unusual looking, fish tanks.


Each Funky Fish Tank comes complete with back drop, artificial plants, gravel and filter. In the partnership Jean-Paul George ,who is a carpenter by trade, recycles the old furniture while Sarah Ives creates the designs and back drops.

Each tank has a theme and every part of the design and landscape is in keeping with the theme. Funky Fish Tank designs include: TV sets, phone booth, furry eye tank, heater, sun tank and treasure chest.

As well as using old furniture and television sets, they make specific requests for people while maintaining the funky aspect of the designs.

Although funky in appearance, the designs allow easy access and maintenance to the tank as well as providing an interesting addition to any home.

Cost and availability

Funky Fish Tanks come complete with everything except the fish. Prices range from $200-$400 for a TV set, $260 for a phone booth, $500 for a furry eye tank, $280 for a sun tank and $320 for a treasure chest.

Funky Fish Tanks sell through the Chapel Street Bazaar in Melbourne at 217 Chapel Street, Prahran, VIC, 3181. Phone: (03) 9529 1727. 

Enquiries and orders can be placed directly with Funky Fish Tanks. Phone: (0412) 442 499. Fax: (03) 9888 1190.