Balinese Cats

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Breed: Balinese
Temperament: active, friendly
Cost: $300
Lifespan: 13-15 years
Maintenance: medium
Recommended for: families

While many cat breeds are named after their country of origin – such as the Maine Coon or Siamese – the Balinese isn’t one of them. Said to be long-haired mutants of Siamese litters, Balinese are now recognised in their own right, although sometimes confused with other Siamese-influenced breeds such as the Birman, Ragdoll, or Himalayan.

Appearance: Although silky-coated, the Balinese has a slim, sleek body type with typical Siamese-dark markings on the mask, tail and feet. Like Siamese they have four main colours, seal, chocolate, lilac and blue. The eyes are blue.

Temperament: An animated cat, the Balinese is said to be less vocal and demanding than a Siamese, although still full of energy and mischief.

Health: A healthy cat with no serious problems. Fur balls can form when the silky coat is shedding. Ask your vet for an appropriate dietary additive if this is a recurring problem.

Ideal owner/housepet potential: Balinese are suited to people who want a pet which is actively involved with the family, not a breathing doorstop. They enjoy having people around and may “visit” neighbours if left alone for long periods of time. They seem well-suited to families with school-age children, although many are contented pets of single and retired people. They seem satisfied with a life indoors, although the silky coat can shed surprising amounts of hair on clothing and furniture, especially coming out of winter! Many can – and will – climb curtains and furniture.

Grooming: Although considered a longhair, the coat is silky and doesn’t usually matt. Regular grooming isn’t really necessary although it will minimise loose hairs being dropped around the house.

For further information

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Penny Lane Cattery
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