Australian Mist Cats

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Breed: Australian Mist

Temperament: intelligent, friendly

Cost: around $450

Lifespan: average 12 years

Maintenance: low

Recommended for: most everyone – families, singles and elderly


The Australian Mist (formerly known as Spotted Mist) is the only true blue Aussie bred cat. It began its development in 1977, when Dr. Truda Straede, responsible for developing the breed, set out to produce a spotted cat with a stable temperament. Domestic, Burmese and Abyssinian lines were used. As breeding has progressed, the marbled type has appeared. Rather than spotting, marble-like swirls are apparent through the coat.


The coat is short but dense and soft like that of a Burmese. Coat patterns are made up of darker spots on a lighter, ‘misted’ ground.

The colour of the spots determines the colour of the cat. The background colour is always a creamy, mushroom shade and very subtle. Spot colours include; brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, gold and peach.


Gingivitis is a concern. Provide good quality dry food with soft food and supplement the diet with chicken necks. Australian Mists aren’t fussy eaters. Have the teeth cleaned twice yearly. Dr. Chris Brown says that allergies are not uncommon in the breed.

Dr. Truda Straede says that new domestic and Abyssinian lines have been introduced, thus broadening the gene pool. Both Abyssinian and domestic lines were under represented in the foundation stock, so this was an opportunity to widen the gene pool away from the heavy weighting of the Burmese contribution. Healthy animals have been selected and this will improve the hybrid vigour of the breed.


Australian Mists have a fantastic temperament. They are affectionate and gentle, love human companionship (even that of strangers) and are trustworthy around children.


A pretty low maintenance animal, Aussies Mists require just gentle hand grooming. A grooming mitt is preferred and costs around $7-$10 from pet stores. Groom for a couple of minutes twice a week.

Ideal owner

The Australian Mist makes the perfect child’s pet. They’re very tolerant of children and adapt well to life indoors.

Further information

We filmed this segment in Plumpton, Sydney with Australian Mist breeder Rachel Barendregt (02) 9832 2552.


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