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  • Modena Pigeon

    Modena Pigeon Breed: Modena pigeonTemperament: docile, robustCost: $50 plusLifespan: 10 yearsRecommended for: beginners, enthusiasts The Modena is a pigeon which... read more
  • Rhode Island Reds

    Exhibition Poultry Breed: Rhode Island RedTemperament: Hens docile, roosters can be aggressiveCost: $80Lifespan: 5 yearsMaintenance: MediumRecommended for: Enthusiasts, backyarders Rhode... read more
  • Indian Runner Duck

      Breed: Indian Runner Duck Temperament: excitable, timid but can be tamed Cost: From around $6 for a pet to... read more
  • Jacobin Pigeon

    Jacobin Pigeon Breed: Jacobin pigeonTemperament: self containedCost: From $50 to $200 eachLifespan: 10 yearsRecommended for: enthusiasts History Jacobin pigeons were... read more
  • Macaw

    Breed: Macaw Temperament: Loud, gregarious, varies between species Cost: $7000 – $10,000 Lifespan: 50-80 years Recommended for: Enthusiasts The only... read more
  • muscovy duck


    Breed: The Muscovy Temperament: females make the best pets Cost: $15 – 25 for adult female, $30 for drakes, $100... read more
  • Pheasants

    Pheasants Breed: Pheasants Temperament: secretive, nervous Cost: $60 plus per pair Lifespan: 15 to 25 years Recommended for: enthusiasts and... read more
  • Bantam Houdan

    Breed: Bantam Houdan Temperament: hens docile, easy to handle Cost: from $30 Lifespan: average 7- 8 years Recommended for: enthusiasts... read more
  • Ultimate Birds – Pet Macaw

    Ultimate Birds – Pet Macaw The trouble with keeping birds in cages is that you restrict one of their greatest... read more
  • Understanding Parrots

    Understanding Parrots Don visited Taronga Zoo and spoke to bird trainer Matthew Kettle about the social needs of parrots. Parrots... read more
  • King Parrots in Backyard

    King Parrots in Backyard Don was surprised to see a pair of King Parrots eating the white flowers of a... read more
  • Oldest Budgie in Australia

      Oldest Budgie in Australia A few weeks ago on Burke’s Backyard we featured celebrity gardener, Rob Guest. Don was... read more